The Three Main Phases

There are three main parts to every marketing plan which must be considered in order for a business to be successful. These are; the idea, the preparation phase and the sales phase.

All businesses start with an idea.  The idea that the creation of a particular product or service will add value to people’s lives. The purpose of the creation could be to help solve a particular problem that many face in their lives, or, it could simply serve the purpose of increasing ones enjoyment. As long as the creation can add value, demand will exist.

The preparation phase is where the vision is created. The creators must establish exactly what they want to produce and offer to the market, how it will be priced, who it will be targeted at and how it will be promoted. Businesses can use the ‘marketing mix’ (Jerome McCarthy) to assist them with this part of the process.

The final phase is all about sales. Here, the offering must be promoted in front of the target audience in the hope that the product will catch the attention of potential customers. This site is focused on the sales side of marketing and we look forward to educating our readers about all the different aspects of selling.